Get Happy: It’s National Bike Month — Blog Post on 5/15/13

May is National Bike Month, and this week is Bike to Work Week!

Last April, we posted about Smart Biking in Spring, with great tips for bike safety, like:

Obey traffic signals and signal your turns. For a left turn, hold your left arm straight out. For a right turn, hold your left arm at a 90 degree angle up or hold your right arm straight out. When coming to a stop, hold your left arm out and down with your palm facing back.


We know everyone on the Ask, Listen, Learn team strives to live a healthy lifestyle every day, and biking has some wonderful health benefits for your mind and body! Biking is a cardiovascular activity that’s good for your heart and burns calories for a slim waistline, but maneuvering around trails while balancing is also good for your coordination skills. As with any exercise, biking boosts the immune system, prevents weak bones and joints, and lowers cholesterol.

In regards to commuting to work, it’s important to note studies have shown that people who exercise in the morning are happier throughout the day. Morning exercise sets your circadian rhythm- your daily cycle of mental, physical and behavioral changes while you’re awake and asleep. It also fills your lungs with fresh air and stimulates blood flow to the brain, like the Ask, Listen, Learn game, to improve mental alertness and elevate your mood.

For more info, check out the League of American Bicyclist’s Bike Month Guide or search for Bike Month activities in your community!

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